Hidden in the heart of Naples, behind an old wooden gate, the mill Caputo has been grinding wheat with passion since 1924, producing a fantastic flour designed for bakers, pizzaioli and all those that aim to make the ultimate pizza!
San Marzano is, without any doubt, the best tomato variety on earth. A fruit, as rare as delicious on pizza, growing only in the Vesuvius region, a secret of local farmers, uncovered only at the source.
Italy’s best olive oil grows in a region spreading between Puglia and Salerno. There, we found the Di Giacomo family-run oil mill, using artisanship to drip, from their most magnificent sun-kissed olives, the best olive oil in the country.
We import this milky delicacy twice a week, directly from Caserta, the kingdom of buffalo mozzarella. We source only from those dairy farms that pass the demanding DOP certification test, in order to guarantee only the best quality.
We are constantly looking for those small wineries that not only produce high-quality wines but that also work ethically and in respect of the territory. For this reason, whenever is possible, Papà favours organic and biodynamic wines.
Teo Musso is Italy’s craft beer scene pioneer, one of the first to blend brewing techniques with the finesse of Italian winemaking. But that's not all, we promise to keep tabs on what’s new and Italian, breweries and beers – all in the name of pizza!
We source only the best South American Arabica beans, roast them the Italian way to perfection, and then grind them in our own artisanal coffee machine, built by our dear Attilio Bosco in his small workshop. And, you know what... it makes for the best espresso you've ever drunk.
We have handpicked a selection of artisanal butchers all around Italy in order to offer the most delicious cured meats in the country, selecting only those feeding their animals with love and working ethically with respect for the environment. That's the measure of goodness!
At Papà we prefer organically farmed ingredients whenever possible – that's because they are more nutritious and full of flavour, plus they are free from nasty chemicals… basically a source of happiness.
Wherever possible we make sure our products are Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) certified - guaranteing a journey, from farm to table, not only transparent but entrusted in authentic and traditional know-how.
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