It all started in LA, where Martin, at the time a professional basketball player, tried his first pizza Napoletana and fell in love with it – the crust, the base, the ingredients, mamma mia! He hopped on a plane and embarked in the discovery of Italy, of Naples and of pizza with his childhood friend Charly.

There, in pizza’s birthplace, they searched the streets for the locals’ favourite pizzerie Napoletane and pizzaioli, they soak up the energy and soul of the city, they learned from the best local producers and were seduced by the real Italian tomato.

With their bellies full – a new trousers’ size – and heads brimming with ideas, they headed back home to launch the first authentic pizzeria Napoletana in Lille. As to pay homage to the father of the pizza, Raffaele Esposito, they named it Papà Raffaelle and are still inspired to deliver the best Neapolitan pizzas and stories – with a soulful squadra tutti i giorni!

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