Our dream has always been to create that neighborhood pizzeria, just like those in Naples, a real gem.
We want to be all about having the highest quality produce at affordable prices, about being those friendly faces in an awesome and familiar place.

As with anything in life, with dreams come reality checks and we quickly realized that to deliver what we believe in, reservations were impossible.

Here’s why: they’re costly, no-shows or late turns, mean we can’t bring the quality we promise at affordable prices – that’s that, simple maths!

And, c’mon, let’s be honest, are we really going to book a month in advance to eat a 8€ margherita?

So with us, you sort of check-in, you give us your name and number, wait a little bit, you know, get some drinks here or espresso across the road, maybe even a walk, anyway we’ll text when a table is ready and, trust us, you’ll be sat at your table in no time.

Grazie per la pazienza ragazzi!

Con affetto,

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